Introducing noCodeJS - Hybrid Native and Progressive Web App Developer Suite

TLDR – new developer suite for building hybrid native and progressive web apps on Bubble. Free to get started and the first 50 signups get an extra special freebie below.

Hey Bubble Community –

I’m Michael, one of the co-founders of Hyperbuild Labs, along with @gurun, and we’re excited to announce the release of noCodeJS, a complete development suite for building hybrid-native and progressive web apps (PWA) using Bubble.

Since you’re reading this, you already know why Bubble is awesome. Our team has been working with the platform since 2015, and feel, as many of you do, that Bubble represents the best path for most custom software projects today. And while terrific in most areas, it became clear to us that there was a recurring problem in the Bubble ecosystem that needed solving – native app development.

As many of you know, Bubble doesn’t support native development; and the few options to “make it work” don’t actually produce apps with native look/feel, still require specialized technical skills, and/or lack the ease-of-use that made us all choose Bubble to begin with.

So roughly a year ago, we set out to solve this problem of creating good looking, high-performing, native-like experiences using Bubble, while preserving flexibility, ease-of-use, and rapid development timelines.

To do so was no small challenge, but we’re excited to finally be releasing a product that we hope the community will get a ton of value from. Specifically, our offering currently includes:

  1. A framework combining 100+ components & features specifically tailored for
    hybrid-native and PWA development
  2. UI Components with adaptive intelligence that automatically render with Flat UI Design on iOS and Material Design on Android, saving the time associated with building two versions of the same app
  3. Advanced OneSignal notification service including test-mode to bypass burdensome certification process
  4. Rich library of Cordova plugins, including Barcode Scanner, FaceID, and many more
  5. A companion app for previewing Bubble apps with native functions, bypassing the headache of regularly creating new builds
  6. A packaging service for app store deployments and beta testing
  7. PWA manifest generator and service worker files for Bubble devs that want the look and feel of a native mobile app, but don’t need to access native-only features or deploy in the app store
  8. An online previewer to see how your app looks in real-time on different device types and sizes

For more information and to start your free 30 day trial, please check out We hope you’ll build so fast that the product will be finished before your trial has even expired =).

And for the special freebie – the first 50 people to like this post, follow us on social media, and signup for the free 30 day trial, will receive a free 1 hour technical review of your app.


Hi, it is a good news. I have tried signing up but it is not allowing me to login. Getting below error.


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@iamharims Thanks for reporting. It seems to be an issue with your country code. Please PM us and we’ll get you set up.

I’m interested in this for a saas platform currently on Bubble. So currently my app is web-based. How would I build the native app using this tool? Do I convert the current app using the new components? Or is it a separate native app?

@zachwhitt Great question. The answer is both. Our packaging service allows you to convert an existing Bubble app to hybrid-native or PWA, but for the best look, feel, and performance, we suggest using our components. You can either build on a separate page (recommended), or swap out components as you see fit.

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Hi I have sent a PM. Please help me to login please.

Hi there, login does not work

@iamharims We manually activated your account, it seems to be all fine now. Let us know if we can help any further!

Congrats guys this looks cool.
Wanted to take it for a spin but after adding an application and page I don’t see the plugins added to my app even though it says its activated.

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Thanks for reporting. Please PM us and we’ll get you set up. We’re working on a fix to this as we speak. If typing in manually, please ensure that a “+” sign comes before the country code. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Thanks @seanhoots. Please PM us so we can review your specific app, but a best practice is to refresh your Bubble editor once the plugins have been activated.

I’ve refreshed, even closed and re-opened the page.
I’ve pm’ed u

It’s great, although, I didn’t complete. I don’t like the TOS.

Looks pretty awesome! Will definitely check it out.

Everyone: Interestingly enough we have reached the maximum number of replies in the forum due to posting from a new account. Please use the Intercom chat in the dashboard for direct assistance if you need help before tomorrow.

@seanhoots Send us a chat request from the HyperBuild dashboard and we’ll help you directly.

@mvandrei Please PM us if you have any particular concerns and we’d be happy to review.

Well it’s baiscally an NDA for a beta product, and you’re asking everyone to keep it hush hush. So if I have a similar project going, or launching in the future, this will prevent me to do so. By simply using yours.

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Interesting, so from what I understand this is like a no-code solution for the last step of actually setting up the webview, adding a couple of native features, and compiling the app. So does it spit out the file to upload to the app store in the end?

Is this easier than bubble

We’ll be happy to review our ToS, but it’s fairly boilerplate language to be honest and unquestionably intended to prevent reverse engineering by potential competitors.

If you are planning to launch a competing product, best of luck :wink:. We respectfully ask that you allow us to use this thread to engage with those that are interested in becoming users, not “launching similar projects”.

For those that are interested users, again, we welcome your comments and questions – we are all ears :smiley:. We are building for the community that wants to take mobile to the next level! :star: