Introducing openBuild - A platform to manage the development of your bubble app. Sign up for beta access!

Dear community!

We are very excited to introduce to you openBuild . A platform to monitor, track and deliver your Bubble app more professionally. The platform is now in closed beta and we’d love for you to sign up to test & helping us in our journey :wink:

What is openBuild?

Think of a mashup of Github, Trello and Gitbook that is fully synced to your Bubble app. A full project management system integrated with your app. Versioning that can be synced to your actual Bubble deployments, an overview of your app Notes that can be tagged and turned into a backlog item. All your styles presented in a design guide. A full documentation editor, again integrated with your app so you can mention pages and data types as you write your documentation. A Gitbook style Book that neatly showcases your entire app. And much more .

Why do I need this?

When you start an app -or even more when you manage multiple apps- it can be hard to keep your work structured and organised. Most Bubblers use third party applications to project manage their apps or to write its documentation. We see openBuild as a viable alternative to those tools with the enormous benefit of being (safely) integrated in your Bubble app. Having a place with an overview of all your app components (data models / pages / styles) definitely helps to assess and monitor your progress but also to avoid potential structure and security conflicts.

How do I get access?

The app is currently in closed beta. You can signup for access :arrow_right: here:arrow_left:

To give you an idea of what we envision, have a look at the openBuild Books for three of our apps. These are generated in real-time with live data and show you exactly how these apps are structured.


The Book will tell you the full openBuild story. Where an app showcase link on the forum usually points to the app’s shiny packaging, the openBuild Book gives you the list of ingredients on the back.

See the Book


As an example of a more technical Book, we wrote about the MirrorMirror technical implementation. You can see all the API integrations and get a full understanding of the inner working of this app.

See the Book


An example of a client app. Wouldn’t it be great to deliver your app to a client with a book like this? A full style guide, versioning up to date and room for a full app documentation that you can privately share to your client. At the same time, you can offer a public version of your documentation to potential investors!

See the Book

Why are we doing this?

openBuild was born from an internal project idea at Ideable* to refine and augment our internal project management tool and rethink about the way we deliver client apps. But, after some initial thoughts about the benefits and potential value of it, we realized the potential as a full public product for all Bubblers.

Our mission is to advocate no-code, and specifically Bubble, as a viable alternative to traditional development methods. While the present and future success of Bubble relies on the platform featureset and its performance, we strongly believe that having the right processes and mindset to develop a Bubble app will be also be a key for success.

Something that always comes up when discussing Bubble, is the lack of standards and best practices for building an app. It is easy to start but it quickly becomes harder to build a quality and scalable app that is on top of that, secure. We introduced Check API, a simple but effective tool to evaluate your Bubble app in terms of externally exposed data. Now we take the next step by introducing openBuild.

To read the full backstory to openBuild with all of the research we did, check out the book.


This is a great project! I really like it!

The Bubble community continues to surprise by offering something new every day!

Wishing you success!


Really cool idea, I’d love to hear more about it, and potentially use it.

One question that comes to mind, doesn’t that give you (founders of openBuild) an inside look into our apps? How do we ensure that it’s secure?


I’ve been hoping for something like this for a long time! Can’t wait to try it out!


Excellent question.

Correct, there is a ‘middleman’ involved in the sync process. However, this will be a ghost collaborator to your app that is added as ‘View only’ for the app and ‘No permission’ for the data and won’t count towards your total of collaborators.

In fact, openBuild is not connecting to any of your app’s actual data. Just the meta data. And none of your app’s data is stored in openBuild. It is all synced in real time from your app.

When you connect your app to openBuild, the onboarding process will be very clear about what data exactly is synced!

We take data security very seriously and it is one of the primary reasons to launch this project. We want to push the agenda for building safely and securely with Bubble. We did that with Check API and this platform will too feature tools to encourage you to keep your apps secure and your data safe.


This looks super cool - congrats on the progress!! Just signed up for the beta!


Guys, Thanks a lot for your first feedback and for early signups, it’s always encouraging :v:

Just for timing information, as we omit that in the original post, we plan to collect beta signups this week, and invite a first batch of users as soon as early next week. So, yeah, it won’t be a two months waiting before you get access…

And again, feel free to share if you have any questions, hesitations, issues, that’s indeed important early insights for us - thanks @Nocodify for the first one .

Looking forward to it!

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Will it be possible to export the app?

So cool guys :raised_hands:

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There will almost be nothing to export as the openBuild app is not storing any of your app’s data.

Versioning release notes and your app’s documentation will be in openBuild but as part of the Book which is easy to share and there will be not really a use case to separately export it. (you can copy paste it)

The backlog and sprint items are also part of openBuild and we do not plan to have an export feature of that right out the gate, but it may make sense in the future. However, I’d rather see an import feature because that would mean people are coming in, not going out :smiley:

:raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_man:

Amazing work @vincent56 @mattmazzega! This fills a very real gap in Bubble’s development system.

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Really nice idea ! Love the way it’s displayed.

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@eli @dominique thanks a lot guys! Looking forward to get your deeper feedback about it!

So like Jira for bubble? I’m in. I use jira now but if this is connected it’ll be much easier for myself and the programmers

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That’s indeed the overall vision. And « it’ll be much easier for myself and the programmer » - aka make organisation and collaboration easier - is actually one of the core value we want to bring with this! :+1:

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Oh, this is all very grown up isn’t it :slight_smile:

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Beta signup is still open. :wink:

We are slowly starting to add beta users to the platform since yesterday. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

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Count me in! Thank you guys.

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I’m probably too late but is beta still open

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We have some updates to share about openBuild. We’ve been working with the Bubble team to fix some issues but happy to report we are up and running with an improved openBuild beta!

openBuild changes and features

:house: Home

The home page displays your dashboard per connected app and features all the project management tools for your Bubble project:

:clipboard: Tasks

:point_right: Tasks can be directly connected to Pages or Data types in the task description and documentation.

:point_right: You can now create different boards for different purposes and move items between boards.
:point_right: You can import items from your Trello boards directly in one of your openBuild boards.

:rocket: Versions
Nothing new but mapping your Versions with a Bubble deployment is up working again. Push a version with release notes and items and connect it with Bubble and feel more professional with your releases :wink:

:page_with_curl: Documentation
Nothing new here either but referring to Pages and Data Types works again!

:spiral_notepad: Notes
We are experimenting with this feature still and performance needs to be improved but you can now use your Bubble Editor commenting/notes feature to create tagged items in openBuild. In your comment in the Bubble editor you can use hashtags to add tags to the element.
In openBuild you find a list of your comments with their element names (you can click on those to copy the element name and easily find it in your editor) and tags. You can use this information to create a new task.

:blue_book: Book

A lot of static app information will be in the app Dashboard in Home but a more detailed overview you will find in your app’s Book. (think a Gitbook for Bubble)

It features your Documentation and Versions but also an overview of your Pages, Data types, Endpoints, API’s, Plugins and your Design System. You can switch between your live and test data.

You can choose to make the entire Book Public (if you share the link) but also make only certain sections Public.

:red_car: Roadmap

We also have a public roadmap with features you can vote on. | Roadmap

We’ll run the beta still for a while to iron out any issues and see what users like, don’t like and use before we move to production. So feel free to sign up! Thanks!