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[openBuild] UI Builder & Personal Library for Bubble: easily build custom design in your bubble app

:wave: hey community! We’re extremely excited to launch the production version of openBuild. After the beta, we implemented your feedback and tweaked the concept a bit. Today we soft launch on the forum!

As an agency we focus on building great design and this is at the same time one of the biggest challenges in Bubble. openBuild offers a solution. It is a UI builder for Bubble. It is a Chrome extension and web app that adds UI building superpowers :muscle: to your Bubble editor.

Here are the top features you should care about

  1. A premium library of 300+ custom designed UI components for any type of app that you add to your page in one click. Components are grouped in Collections per theme or app element (like ‘People’ or ‘Navigation’)


  1. A responsive grid with a sizing system that acts as a container for the components. You can use the components in any page, but the grid really makes creating a UI super fast and easy.

  2. A personal library that you can use to store any component in. It is your personal vault of Bubble elements that you can then reuse in any other app. How often are you looking for something you previously built in another app? Now you can store those components and have it handy in all your apps.


Check out the landing page for the full feature list (like integrated tasks, versioning, a form generator and much more).

Directly get the extension with instructions here

Getting Started
The best way to fully get the value of openBuild would be to copy the free Tutorial page in your app. It will show you how the components, with their sizing system, work together with the framework to easily create responsive layouts.

What’s next


The library of components is growing weekly. We start now with UI components, but we already have other types of Bubble components lined up. Think about elements like responsive tables with sort and filter, a checkout flow or a task management module.


We will publish a template soon that will have all the styles we use for the components. It means you can change the style in your editor and all the components automatically adjust to the style. It is the quickest way to create custom design! Now, all the components come with inline styles.

The template comes with different starting layouts for any kind of app or page.

Team Collections

Do you work in a team on an app? Or do you create Bubble courses or tutorials? Then this is for you. You can create unlimited collections of components and add team members that can use those components.

A use case would be to create a collection for a project where you store components that a designer created and need to be used in the app.

Another would be if you are teaching a Bubble course and put the course material in a collection. Everyone creates a clean UI and you have more time to focus on interesting workflows instead of button alignment.

Final thoughts

We are pretty proud to be joining a growing group of Bubblers that have been building products on top of Bubble, not just with Bubble. We see a bright future for Bubble as a programming language, not just as an app-building platform. Building products that add to the value of Bubble will be crucial in its success. And it’s great to see @bubble support these projects!


Do you want Versioning connected to your Bubble deployment for your own app? it is a free feature in openBuild!

deploy:publishdate fix bubblers recurring | 19 Jun 2020 15:43
Improved filters for components - Filters now work when inside a collection.

Added personal library to dashboard - Personal Dashboards are now available in the dashboard page for users.

Component database performance fixes.

NEW components showcase - all new components are promoted with a NEW tag. A filter is added to only show NEW components.

deploy:v 1.4 | 06 Jun 2020 11:14

Create openBase template - we launched the openBase Framework template that is compatible with all the openBuild components.

Template detection - we added the ability to detect if the Framework template is used so all components will then copy with styles instead of inline. We fixed a bug that caused this to misfire for some apps that has been fixed now.

Roadmap Redesign - We redesigned the Roadmap and it is now also almost ready to be implemented as an openBuild feature for users. You can then have your own public roadmap for your app and see all the items as marked Tags in your openBuild project. For now, we are testing and finalizing this feature.

Dynamic Form fixes - There have been some issues connecting to dynamic app data. Those should now be fixed.


This is awesome! I will try it at the first opportunity. Congratulations!


VERY impressive, guys!

Awesome tool, definitely taking this for a spin :sunglasses:
Kudos from all of the community!


looks great!


This is awesome!
I commonly use a similar setup for another basic website builder and always thought it would work well in Bubble. Especially like being able to have your own ‘team’ elements

Quick question: Does it use Styles or is each text and element style ‘hard coded’?


Cool stuff, @vincent56. :+1:

Is there a way for 3rd parties to distribute components through your system?


Hey @gf_wolfer,

Indeed we have the both versions stored for each component (Styles / hardcoded). When the app is not based on the openbuild template (coming very soon), we then paste the component with hard coded styles. With the template you will have then the components with Styles directly.

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Definitely something on our roadmap.

In the meantime, we will release soon the team library feature, which will allow collaborators from a same app to create & use a shared library of components.

Damn this is SMART! You just increased the value of using Bubble!

The personal library --> Game changer

KUDOS :heart_eyes:


This is amazing, great works guys, will definitely be using

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The Picture says a thousand words


Is there anyway to search through all of the components instead of scrolling?

You can prefilter by collection or use the filters to drill down. Search is on the list to implement. But if we do search, it needs to be really good. So we’re determining now what to search for and collect keywords.

So it’s coming!

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I’m going to try it out tonight. I’ve been looking for something to simplify the design sign of my apps.


Fantastic work! Will give it a spin when I find the time


This is amazing!!

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This is awesome!! Great job

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Just used this tool to build a simple, elegant form with multiple fields and input types - all vertically spaced beautifully - it took about 45 seconds

I’m super-pumped to get our team of bubble devs on board with the team plan as soon as it’s available. Being able to share our custom-built components easily across our portfolio of current and future bubble builds is amazing.

This is very exciting stuff, kudos!


Hi @jason1,

Thanks for joining us :wink:

And thanks a lot for this nice review of the form builder :pray:

For the team plan, should be finalised pretty soon. If that’s ok, I’ll pm you soon to get your early feedbacks on it !

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