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Need beta testers for Qoins (Built on Bubble)

Hey, everyone!

I’ve recently finished a beta version of my latest app built on Bubble, Qoins. The basic idea is that we round up the “spare change” from the everyday transactions of your checking account and at the end of each month, we send a payment to pay off your debt! (Credit card bills, student loans, etc.) While it isn’t a replacement for paying your bills, it’s a great way to pay off debt even faster without thinking about it. We charge $1.00 per month for the service, which we deduct from the spare change.

Anyway, we need some beta testers to help us find those crazy bugs and things that tend to pop up with new apps. And no one’s better at debugging a Bubble app than fellow Bubblers!

We currently have room for up to 100 users right now. Here are the requirements to be a tester:

  • You are a US citizen with a US phone number
  • You have a checking account at one of these banks: Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, US Bank, USAA, TD Bank, Suntrust, or Navy Federal Credit Union.
  • You have a student loan, credit card, or other form of debt that you’d like to pay off sooner.

If this sounds like you, we’d love your help with polishing the functionality of our app. I haven’t seen many attempts at a FinTech app on Bubble, so this is definitely new territory for us.

Oh, and if you can find a new bug that we don’t already know about, we’ll add $5.00 to the payment that we send out on your behalf!

Thank you to anyone that helps us out!



Cool idea Nate, congrats!
wondering - how do you deduct money from those banks that you have listed? are you connected to some kind of an API?


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Believe they use for connecting with user’s bank accounts.

@ryan is definitely right. We use Plaid to connect to user’s bank accounts securely using their online banking login. (Sensitive details never hit our database.)

When it’s time to deduct the “spare change” from the accounts, we use an ACH transfer to withdraw it from the linked accounts. There’s a few different services who do this really well, such as Stripe, Dwolla, and SynapsePay, just to name a few.

@natedogg I think I have found a bug.

When i tried creating my account, in the phone input, I accidentally typed the wrong number, and when I tried to correct it, it would not let me erase my current input.

I don’t know if it’s just my cellphone or a bug?

If it is a bug that you don’t know about, it’s on me.

Hey @Eduardo,

Thanks for checking it out!

Mind PMing me what phone you’re using? (Don’t want to spam the forum with debugging.) I just tested on both an iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 and both seemed to work fine.

Also, we haven’t completed a mobile-optimized version yet, so keep in mind that if you’re on a phone that some of the pages after registration may be tough to navigate.

Thanks @natedogg and @ryan
Nate, so plaid doesn’t actually do the ACH transactions, right?
did you have to use oAuth with API connector to integrate with them or Stripe, Dwolla and SynapsePay or oAuth is not required?

No oAuth required, @levon.

Right, Plaid doesn’t do any ACH transactions. They have a product called Auth, that let’s you get instant ACH authorization for your users. From there, you can use an API call to get get your user’s routing/account numbers. If you’re using Stripe, you can even link them up without getting the user’s account numbers. Check out the Plaid + Stripe link here.

Plaid’s link module is Javascript based, works nicely inside of an html element, and allows users to connect their bank accounts for Plaid Auth quickly and easily, and with a pretty solid looking UI. Check out more about that here.


Awesome Nate, very helpful, thanks a lot!