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Introducing TheirLabel: domain name white-labeling for Bubble

@zelus_pudding , makes sense, will check it out. Thank you.

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Hi @zelus_pudding, I’ve gotten the plugin to create the subdomains however I’m not able to figure out how to get it to show data for that specific subdomain on a page. All I get is the I do have it set to Allow all iFrames. Can you please point me to a resource that would show me how to do that? Thank you!

Mike - I do apologize for the delay here. My hope is to follow up with you this evening but no later than tomorrow morning. Typically I would point you to the bubble editor for the TheirLabel demo which shows how to do this (specifically this page), but I notice that there is currently an issue with the whitelabel. I think this is related to some housekeeping I did in Netlify last week where I may have accidentally deleted whitelabels. So I need to fix that this evening to clearly and easily show you what you may need to do. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you and no worries.

I’ve gotten further. I’ve been looking at the features request page and set up my page the same way but it wasn’t until I delved further into the URL that helped me get further.

Do you mind a suggestion on expanding the instructions?

In the provision section item 1.

  1. The Bubble URL to be white-labeled. The URL must contain the following; the domain, the page you want them to be directed to - even if it is the index page, and the unique ID of the customer or item you want them to see.

I still have some things to set up but I have noticed the Page Title says White Label at the moment instead of what I set it to.

Overall it was pretty easy to get to work. With some more tweaks to the instructions, I think it will be faster for others to get working.

Thank you for your time and effort. I appreciate all the time you must’ve invested.

Hi Andrew @zelus_pudding ,
I noticed that the Page Title now works. I also figured out that the favicon has to be hosted on Bubble’s s3. I was trying it with a Dropbox link. I was excited to see this working however now my trick for getting the white-label domain to go to a page doesn’t work. The iframe source now says Can you please let me know how I’m supposed to input the URL of the Bubble app?
Thank you!

@zelus_pudding Any update on this?

hmm. Guess I shouldn’t have bought this.

As a token of my sincerest apology, I would be happy to personally give you a full refund on your purchase of theirlabel if you like (the Bubble platform does not natively allow this but I can send you money via paypall or similar). Alternatively, I can hop on call with you for about 20 minutes for a one on one going through your questions. My intention with this plugin is to be able to provide free support as I can but lately my paid engagements have required the best of me. Please let me know and I apologize again.

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I believe I’ve found our issue - has to do with the fact that Bubble apps are served via cloudflare which now have incompatibilities with serving white labelled sites over https using TrueCrypt certificates issued from Netlify. Am investigating a solution. @mikreative will be sending your refund this afternoon.

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Interesting. Let me know what you come up with. If you want to hang onto the money until then feel free. Thank you.


I have updated TheirLabel enough to require bumping it to2.0 (meaning that upgrading to this version will require updating the calls where it’s used). Plugins that upgrade major versions like this require a manual review from the Bubble team (this is a process their engineering team uses to keep the plugin ecosystem savory). Nothing out of the ordinary:

Fortunately, once Bubble approves this update, those upgrading will only need to make a few straightforward changes. I have to update the documentation to reflect this and will be doing so over the next two days. The crux of it is that any actions that use the output of the Provision A WhiteLabel action need to be updated to capture that information by first accessing it from the body thing of the response. To illustrate, the action’s resulting site_id thing (below) used to be accessed directly in pre 2.0 versions. As of 2.0 it now needs be accessed from body > site_id

This change also allows us to capture and handle errors. For example, say a Delete a WhiteLabel action fails for some unknown reason (network issues). Instead of the plugin just failing and alerting without any way to suppress or handle that error, we can now check for the error code thing, run a pause action if the error returned a 404, then try to Delete a WhiteLabel again. More details on that in the next few days.

In any case, the theirlabel demo is up and functioning as expected. All this without needing to make any further changes within Netlify. Until I update the docs, a more detailed explanation of what’s changed and how to structure your application with TheirLabel can be found by consulting the official demo’s editor (which is already using the latest version).

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Hello all, just a quick update - the TheirLabel Plugin upgrade is still pending review.


I will circle back and notify once that is available and I’ve finished bringing our documentation up to date. Thanks


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