Introducing TheirLabel: domain name white-labeling for Bubble

Bubble is a technology I’ve come to love. The ethos behind its creation - that you shouldn’t have to have a PhD in computer science to build a custom website - is exciting, democratic, and empowering. There’s a lot of great design in this product. To list a few, I’m really impressed by the automatically provisioned API one gets the second after you create a new app. Its built in authentication and rule based permissioning is a breeze to work with. Want to change the name of a key in your database? Okay, that key name has been automatically updated across the 56 places you’ve used it in your application logic! Want to secure your site? Press a button and it’s done. All of these things, and many others, crush core hurdles that stop even seasoned programmers from making sophisticated websites.

For all the niceties, though, every tool has its flaws. One thing Bubble (currently) lacks is a programmatic way to partition multi-tenant apps across different domain names. For many Bubble users this may not be an issue, but for those with dreams of building SaaS applications, it’s a bit of a thorn. Being one such dreamer, I decided I would try to fill this gap. As a result, I bring you TheirLabel.

It is live as a plugin starting today. The manual is here, you can test drive it here, and Bubble’s plugin page for it is here.

Feel free to ask questions and get support below. Cheers :slight_smile:


@zelus_pudding… Dude, just wanted to say this is seriously impressive, especially vis-a-vis the documentation.

I actually use Netlify every freaking day and didn’t realize you could build this using their system.

I think you’re correct in that this “forward and mask” solution solves most use cases for when Bubbler’s want to white label domains. Wish I could help with your cookie issue on IOS Safari, but I think you’re on the right track there.

Anyway, outstanding fucking work here and we need more folks pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Bubble. I hope this finds an audience willing to pay you at least a few bucks for your efforts. (Of this, I have my doubts, but best of luck in proving me wrong! I hope my own efforts were at least a bit of an inspiration for the outstanding quality of this effort! And if not, whatevs, amirite? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Just seen this myself, bravo @zelus_pudding


Wow :open_mouth: this is impressive! I think you’ve just set the standard for documentation as well.


Looks great! I really needed something like this

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Great work @zelus_pudding :clap:

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Thank you @keith, @nomorecode, @gregjohnkeegan, @nachodip97, @luke2 ! Definitely feels good to put something out there that people are liking :blush:


This looks great :clap:

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@zelus_pudding, this is outstanding! I got really excited a year ago with a previous solution to white labeling that turned out to work really if you were using a login page. I had given up on that project for this reason but you’ve just given me the motivation to pick it back up. Thank you!

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Very interesting! I’m assuming it didn’t rely on iFraming? Would be excited to see what you come up with!

Is there anyway to test how logins would work with this?

Yes. Say you have a bubble app that contains a login at You can use Test Drive to white label that at Once your cname record for that is setup/propagated then you can test to your hearts content :slight_smile:


Outstanding man. I am a couple of months away of finishing my app but the issue of custom domains for clients was one of the concerns I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with. Until now.


Awesome. Could you link the plugin directly? Don’t really wanna have to slowly & painfully look for it on the Bubble plugins page.

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I would except that the URL I currently have for it doesn’t resolve to an actual plugin page. This is what it should be TheirLabel: white labelled domains Plugin | Bubble but that seems to be redirecting to merely Plugins | Bubble. Can @eve comment as to why that is?

In the mean time, I know that searching TheirLabel in the plugin tab in your bubble editor brings it right up:


It can sometimes take a bit of time for your plugin to appear in the marketplace; if you’re still not seeing it on its own page by tomorrow afternoon, please ping us at so that we can investigate. :slight_smile:


Thanks eve! Will do :slight_smile:

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I have implemented the plugin but it appears that bubble doesn’t allow the connection between the bubble URL and the domain URL.

As I have paid for the plugin I want to know if I have to cancel it because bubble seems to have deleted key component or do not authorize the connection.

Any thoughts ?

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is this still working?

It is still working for me. I’m assuming you’re having an issue - if so what is that? Please do remember you have to enable iFrames from your app for it to work via the Demo (as well as wait for DNS settings to propagate). Best!