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Introducing TheirLabel: domain name white-labeling for Bubble

Super impressive!! Just what I needed! Thank you @zelus_pudding

@zelus_pudding is there any way I can make it responsive?

The short answer is yes. Have you given this a test run on the demo page at That page is actually running as a whitelabel and if you visit it you can see/test the responsive settings. Simply build your bubble app to work responsively and as much will be applied within the whitelabel. Thanks!

Hi @zelus_pudding , Thank you for the plugin.

I am using slugs on 1 of my Bubble page for the white label domain, is it possible to use your plugin as well ?

Thank you.

Hi. Thank you for your plug-in. Great work.
We are using your plugin for our SAAS project (similar to
But have some problems. We can provision only one domain at a time.
For example we have two schools with two different domains.
Provision of domain ( for first school goes fine.
But for the second ( it is not created in Netlify.