Inventory management platform (tire shop)

Hi everyone,

I build an inventory management system that is very robust. I will target Tire Shops to begin with since a lot of them use Excel or similar tools to manage their inventory.

Here are some features:

  • Data is stored on Google Sheets as part of the contingency in case Bubble is down. It wasn’t easy to figure out how to pull data from Gsheets by column, but I managed to do it.
  • When editing a record in RG, you would want new data to show up without refreshing the entire page. I figured that one out.
  • Editing records in the RG when a filter is applied was another challenge. Once record is edited, you still want to maintain the filtered view. This works now
  • Sorting wasn’t difficult, but sorting while Filtered was a wrinkle that needed to be worked out. Works.
  • Pagination was not easy to figure out. When clicking on single right arrow, it goes to the next page until you get to 5. At 5th page and an arrow is clicked, a new range of 6-10 is shown. This took some time to figure out, a lot more that it should’ve.
  • On the pages, I had to look up data from one RG in another. Because spreadsheets were so big, it created a slowdown. I ended up creating a RG group with RG group, and inner RG group was filtered.

Link to demo: Inventory

My overall impression with bubble is that its powerful, but some pieces are too complex. I feel like there should be a middle group between Glideapps and Bubble.