IOS Auto-Fill Authentication Code Problems!

Hey there! Wanted to see if anyone else has had issue with Auto-fill with iOS. I’m using Twilio to text an authentication code to be entered in my app. If I create an input field that is “authentication code” iOS recognizes it and pulls the code from the text message. But when you click the code to Auto-Fill the code, it only enters the first digit.

Example: You get a text that says “Your authentication code is: 123685”

You click the input field and iOS pops up with the suggestion “1236785” from sms.

You click on that suggestion and “1” is entered into the input field.

I find this really annoying and seems like a no go if the user tried to enter the code and then has to close the browser, go to their messages, memorize the number and go back to browser to manually enter it in.

I have found out that if I create an old school HTML input field it works fine but then the data isn’t usable in a bubble workflow.

I’ve changed the type of field to every possible options and it does the same thing. Since it works with HTML I’m thinking its a bubble file issues and not an actually IOS problem.

Any suggestions?

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