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iOS rotation issue on image upload when not 'Actual Size' iOS 14.1

When uploading an image from iPhone library if the image is ‘actual size’ and uploaded in portrait mode it uploads as expected. However these actual size images can be quite large 4-9mbps typically and so many users will upload smaller versions, especially in my use case where I want users to upload multiple property images for a marketplace.

If a user uploads in a smaller file size i.e. small / medium / large then the image is rotated 90 degrees

I believe it is something to do with the exif data as I used the meta data plugin to check. I posted some more information about it here as I believed it was limited to the zeroqode plugin, but in fact seemed to be all image uploaders I used including bubble native

This is for iOS 14.1 as an FYI

This happens often on Facebook when I upload high quality images for my profile image from my iPhone.

I know it’s a different platform but I experience the same there. Ive always assumed it was my phones fault.

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Interesting to know. Maybe there’s an even wider issue. Would be cool to know if somebody has figured out what it might be and how it could be resolved. I’m also searching now for a simple way to rotate the images once they are in the database as a way for users to rotate if they don’t come out the way they expected, but not really found an easy solution for that either.

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