Is a Snapchat like messaging platform complicated to do on Bubble?

Hello, I was wondering how complicated itd be to do an app where people can talk with videos only. Im a newbie here, but Im learning fast and this could be a cool project to take on.

yes, but with 25% the effort and time of real coding, if you know bubble well

Definitely could be done! If you want help Take a look at my site

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This is not something that could be easily accomplished within bubble. Something like that for mobile wouldnt even use much of bubble’s engine.

Can you build this in Bubble? - Absolutely. You’ll learn a lot too.

Should you build this in Bubble for a production mobile app? At this point, probably not. You’re better off using a chat/messaging SDK from a third party PAAS, but that may require a bit more than visual programming.

Hi, what do you mean by ´production mobile app´? Itd be a prototype that less than 300 people would be using.

I always caution against using Bubble for mobile apps, as you’re not generating a native app, but simply a webapp wrapped in something like Phonegap. The performance is noticeably worse than a native app, and with Bubble, you would need to be connected to the internet at all times for it to work (unless you write your custom code, which defeats the purpose in many cases).

For a mobile prototype, it’s probably fine, but don’t expect it to win any accolades in the performance department.

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Hey Andrew, when you say that you are not generating a native app, do you mean that you can access the app only through a link and cant put it in the appstore or google play?

You can put it on Google Play and the App Store, but you are generating a hybrid app, not a native one. Here’s an article I just found highlighting the difference:

In my own experience, hybrid apps are great for MVPs and validating your product needs to exist, but are not good long term solutions. I try to make sure everybody on the forums understands that what they get from mobile, as of this moment, is NOT a native app, so they can understand the implications.