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🔐 ZQ Oauth 1.0 Connector - New Plugin from Zeroqode

This plugin allows you to connect to APIs that utilize rare oAuth 1.0 method.

For documentation please click here

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page: at

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi, i purchased your plugin to integrate with my app. Is it possible for you to give an example of how to use the oauth with etsy. Ive tried multiple times and looked up documentation online. Cant figure it out. Please help.

Also working with etsy currently and will purchase the plugin shortly. Keep in touch

Hi Dexter,
I’m afraid it’d be challenging to set up examples of each oauth 1.0 API, but i could put you in touch with a developer who built this plugin for a paid custom integration of this plugin in your app.
Would you be interested?

Is the plugin suppose to work with all oauth 1.0 APIs?

Hi, Amos,
yes, it’s supposed to work with all Oauth 1.0 - unless there is something unexpected that our plugin wasn’t ready for.

I get this notification when I run the workflow

“token issue, Please re-run step (1)”

What could be the issue?

it’s very hard to tell without looking at your configurations. Did you check the plugin documentation?

Kindly confirm that when we plug in the url to step 1 something similar to this happens in the backend. Thanks


$base_uri = '’;

$api_key = ‘YOURAPIKEY’;

$secret = ‘YOURSECRET’;

$oauth = new OAuth($api_key, $secret);

$req_token = $oauth->getRequestToken($base_uri . ‘/v2/oauth/request_token?scope=’, ‘oob’, “GET”);

$login_url = $req_token[‘login_url’];

print “Please log in and allow access: $login_url \n\n”;

$verifier = readline("Please enter verifier: ");

$verifier = trim($verifier);

$oauth->setToken($req_token[‘oauth_token’], $req_token[‘oauth_token_secret’]);

$acc_token = $oauth->getAccessToken($base_uri . ‘/v2/oauth/access_token’, null, $verifier, “GET”);

$oauth_token = $acc_token[‘oauth_token’];

$oauth_token_secret = $acc_token[‘oauth_token_secret’];

$oauth->setToken($oauth_token, $oauth_token_secret);

print “Token: $oauth_token \n\n”;

print “Secret: $oauth_token_secret \n\n”;

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Has anyone gotten this plugin to work??? I emailed the dev and received no response. Uninstalling and looking for another solution. disappointing.

Hi, i have just checked with the developer and he says that didn’t receive anything. I will send you his email address via private message one more time. Thanks for your patience

i just messaged him, this time through the forum pm.

@3brotherssupply , @koechamos51
we will build a standalone Etsy plugin, so it’s easier for you guys to implement it in your Bubble apps. please stay tuned for an update

Ok, sounds great!

Is there a timeline for this plugin???

it’s already sent for review to Bubble, usually it takes them a few days

Pls how do i use the plugin with twitter oauth?

twitter supports oauth 2.0 so it’s better to use Bubble’s native API connector plugin.
What are you trying to achieve?
if you only need twitter login, there there is already a plugin for that

Hi Levon, is there any update regarding the plugin approval?

not yet, there was a minor issue, we’ll try to fix it asap