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Is Bubble Completely Down?

Down still in Toronto.

For people who are still down, can you try clearing your browser’s cache? We still think the problem is that there’s a bad cached asset out in the wild, trying to track it down and get rid of it

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But if it works in Safari and not Chrome - maybe a chrome update?

Works after clearing cache and I’m using Chrome.

Works after clearing cache and I’m also using chrome.

Works after clearing cache and I’m also using chrome.

Okay, sounds like “clear browser cache” is the fix here. We think we know what got it into the bad state originally, and have fixed that on our end. Thanks everyone for the help debugging and sorry for the downtime.


Seems to have done the trick here, too. Does this mean, though, that we need to send out a general notification to all our app users to clear their cache to access our apps?

If they accessed the app during the downtime yes. All my users who hadn’t logged in didn’t need to clear the cache.

Clearing cache on Mobile chrome on Android works perfectly.

Thank you

Clearing cache has allowed access for about half of the people I’ve talked to. The other half still can’t access our app even after resetting cache, trying incognito, or a different browser.

For me, in Chrome, it was clearing the Browser History that did the trick. It’s in the same settings area as clearing Cached Images and Files, but the latter alone did not do it.

Can’t login from my laptop even after clearing cache, browser history, and cookies. Every time I try to login it tells me the website needs to refresh and after refreshing it asks for my login credentials again.

My app is up, but the API workflows for sending emails are not working

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I Had the worst day ever on I could access it, but I wish I hadn’t because I spent 8 hours hacking away at design elements (buttons on top of other elements) which had lost their front to back positioning - and every change I made created a new bug, and nothing in the layout seemed to be behaving as it had for the past year. Then after I had moved heaven and earth to get just one out of 16 panels working again (resigned to days of getting the remaining 15 working again using random hacks) - all the buttons suddenly worked again. I’m glad but totally frustrated at the same time. I’m just wondering if the whole system had a bad day - with some people just down and others in some kind of design limbo.

I was able to login while filing a bug report. :man_shrugging:

My app seems to be working okay, but I’m getting these console errors:

Mine is down again now.

Hi Josh, Hi Bubblers - I just wanted to add that Chrome pushed a new update late yesterday / today and thus makes total sense that clearing cache would be the solution here alongside updating the browser first. I just wanted to ask and confirm this logic - and ask if both steps are the solution you suggest or if cache issues caused the mass problems yesterday. Thanks Josh

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