Is bubble not working?

Hello, I’ve been trying to load my App but it keeps on crashing. I don’t know if bubble is down or not.

If anyone can verify please

Thank you

Hey there @mrpsgamer8,

Doesn’t look like it. You’ll know if Bubble is down via their status page:

I was having a similar issue last night. I messaged support as I didn’t see any outage issues. Support got back quickly after pushing a fix. Was down for maybe 15 minutes total

Hi @mrpsgamer8,
I am experiencing similar issues. The outage report does say that it was only out for 20 minutes but my editor and preview have been unusable ever since the outage. I have tested on several different machines, in incognito mode and using a VPN tunneling direct to the US (I am in Canada) and to Australia. All of these have Bubble running at a snails pace.

@johnny @jared.gibb are you guys actually on the system and can confirm that it is running ok for you?

@keith you have some pretty funny videos which got screwed up by Bubble performance issues. I am interested to know if all of those performance issues were reflected in Bubble Status.

@gf_wolfer you are one of the few people I know for sure is running a production app. Have you been effected beyond the 20 minute mark that is outlined in the status report?


I run a production app as well, and usually when a major outage occurs which takes down my live app it’s reflected on the statuspage.

Hi @johnny,
Good to know.
Any suggestions on what could be causing @mrpsgamer8 and I to be experiencing such abysmal performance? Its definitely not a browser caching issue as I have this problem across multiple machines.
If this is a subscription level problem than it would be great to know because I would upgrade if it were.

Working fine for me!

Hi @johnny, @jared.gibb,

thanks for your responses!!

@mrpsgamer8 - interested to hear if you are still experiencing difficulties.

Update from my end - problem continues but I dug through my emails to get the name of Geoff Wolfe’s live Bubble App and have confirmed that like Johnny’s and jared’s it is working fine. (fyi @gf_Wolfer). This is particularly relevant because Geoff is based here in Toronto Canada, so probably not a regional thing although it could be an ISP issue - both my celular and wifi are with Bell Canada. It is crazy frustrating whatever the cause!!

Thanks again and let me know if you have any suggestions on what it might be. Experiencing it on three laptops, two operating systems, celular and wifi networks, Firefox and Chrome…argghhhh~!


I haven’t noticed anything odd, but did look at the general capacity charts and noticed ‘no workflows’ for about 20 mins. Not unheard of in the app but likely caused by some down time.

I never heard from users or their customers that use the app about an issue, not that they would always reach out, but things seem fine on my end

Thanks for the intel.

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