Is Bubble suitable for a Socal Content Platform type application?

I’m pretty new to NoCode and Bubble in general. I’m scoping a new app for a client and thought I would consider NoCode [Bubble or Webflow] I’m trying to assess if these platforms are viable.

This is a commerical project and hopefully scales [We all say this I’m sure] and is basically a content platform where authors write articles, and people respond creating threads. Medium + Redit + Social
Is Bubble [or Weblow if you know] a suitable platform for this type of application?

Welcome to the community @dommo

In short: yes! :grinning:

  • All the functionality that you described in one place
  • You can build version 1.0 and expand as needed
  • Integrate with any REST api on the web
  • :+1:t2:
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@dommo - Bubble is more than able to suit your needs. And, I’m pretty sure Webflow could do the trick.

The reason why I went with Bubble in the end (2 months ago - about to launch my first web app, very excited!) was due to the power to keep as much of the tools in one space. Webflow is great for UI/UX - but does require a lot of 3rd party help with databases, flows, etc. While on Bubble, almost everything is built in.

People say there is a bigger learning curve in Bubble, but in my opinion, learning all the 3rd party tools you have to run in parallel with Webflow is equally time consuming.

Invest time in learning how to build well!

Learn URL parameters - custom workflows - custom states; check out buildcamp & teaching no code apps on youtube - and the community here is awesome (@cmarchan for example I see everywhere trying to help!).

so - again. It’s more than suitable. people create much more complex applications than what your mentioning (no offense! just putting things in perspective). If I were you, I’d spend time on learning about how active the forums are - how many resources are available on youtube and other channels that complement your concepts, and make a decision based off of that.

Hope you find this helpful :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you!

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