Is Bubble suitable for Chat app with 1000 simultaneous users?

Hi Bubble community,

I hae 2 options:

  1. Implement a chat function to increase the stickiness/DAU of the app
  2. Or let them use WhatsApp for all chat and my app for only Ordering

My question is,

  • if i implement chat features, will i run into performance issue when 1000 users uses the chat simultaneously?

  • What will be the type of Plan i should be in to support 1000 chat users?

Need clarifications on the above to help me decide. Would really appreciate any feedbacks.
** given: i will be using the best practice to implement the chat feature

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You will need to use Firebase for the back-end as that is realtime. The Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted database. Data is stored as JSON and synchronized in realtime to every connected client.


Thanks for the recommendations.

Which Firebase plugin is the best available in the marketplace for this purpose?

Hey! I love Firebase/firestore but they are difficult to incorporate for a newb. What would your rationale be behind the work to set it up va using bubbles DB?

I have looked into this too. Recently I have created a custom plugin to let’s users see data they have recorded and saved into Firebase from a mobile app I created with thunkable. It’s nice and fast as shit but not nearly as easy to set up. In the plugin I have to essentially create new data types for any bucket of data I want to return. Not an issue now after a bunch of practice but it wasn’t an easy thing to get set up

So in short. I support this statement but wonder the rationalle


I don’t have experience testing my template with 1000 simultaneous users, but when I test the functionality messages popup in real time

I think overall the idea of a large number of users and how it would affect the performance is something to be considered, but a paid subscription in Bubble should be able to handle 1000 users, but I’ve never tested it.

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Bubble is using PostgresQL, not sure if the same limit applies but this is generally the case as stated below. Firebase can handle more than 100,000 at the same time.

Determines the maximum number of concurrent connections to the database server. The default is typically 100 connections , but may be less if your kernel settings will not support it (as determined during initdb). This parameter can only be set at server start.

Re other comments above, I personally don’t recommend using Firebase without a dedicated team to support the project. You can however simply load Conversations and related messages from Firebase and all the other User related stuff from Bubble’s built-in database.

@ZeroqodeSupport’s plugin seems to do the trick connecting to Firebase.


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