Is there a plugin that allows for messaging between 2 users of my application

I am looking for a plugin that serves as a way for 2 users to have an ongoing ‘chat/messaging’ with eachother. To be clear, this is not a support related chat-bot where the admin (app owner) app can message with its users, but instead user-to-user.

Ideally the plugin would also be able to store the chat history off-site from Bubble, but allow the Bubble admin to be able to view the chat history (in order to moderate/assist when needed).

Does this plugin exist?

Uh. That’s why you use Bubble. You can build it. You can find a lot info how to build one.


Your answer is accurate.

The problem is that Bubble doesent handle querying databases with a large number of entries very quickly.

If it has to search for messages from specific users in a database of 10,000+ messages (from many different users), theres a significant delay in loading past messages. I’m looking for a faster alternative.

Traditionally you wouldn’t be showing all 10,000 messages at once, but if what you mean is searching 10,000 messages, my app currently has 7,000 messages in the internal messenger and it’s fairly quick when searching, maybe less than 2 seconds when preforming a search and it starts displaying results.

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But a plugin need to store the data also. I don’t see the problem with messages Bubble cam handle a lot more. Start building. :upside_down_face: