Is it better to use multiple emails or just email+aliases with email service in app?

I’m looking to use SendGrid for my app’s email service but am a newbie and am wondering if I need multiple email accounts or if one account with aliases is sufficient.

Since I know this can be dependent on the situation, here are a few of the ways I want to use SendGrid:

  1. New Blog Posted email for subscribers.
  2. Send response on helpdesk ticket to user.
  3. Receive email from user about helpdesk ticket.

Part of my question is also driven by the fact that Namecheap is having a sale (link for anyone interested) on email accounts (:money_mouth_face:), so I can either get 1 email with aliases or 3 emails with aliases.

I know I could achieve this with multiple email accounts (support@, noreply@, etc.), but I didn’t want to spend a little more if aliases would do.

Any ideas on this, @harris or @deadpoetnsp? Saw your helpful posts on other threads so figured it’s worth a shot.

@eLPDev Would love to help but am not sure the right answer—good luck!

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Hey there @eLPDev,

Just to clarify, the only time you really need to buy an email account under your custom domain is when you’re receiving mail, and I personally prefer Google Workspace.

Sendgrid, once you connect your domain, I believe can send from any email address under your domain. I do want to give you a fare warning about Sendgrid and their poor deliverability. With that being said, I recommend Postmark.

But getting back to your original question,

You can do the new blog post email from a

For #2 and #3 do you have some type of help desk like Help Scout? If so, you can just have your emails forwarded from your registar over to the email your help desk provides you. Unless you’re talking about building a help desk type system within your app. That’ll be a little more complicated… Let me know.

@johnny, thanks for your comprehensive response!

The reason I’m using Sendgrid to start is they offer free emails, which is important for me as I don’t really have startup budget.

Regarding #2 and #3, I’ve been thinking about creating my own help desk system within my app and having emails routed to Bubble via some kind of API. Not sure how ambitious that is, but I figured that would give me full control over user data along with ticket system behavior. Is that a bad idea?

I see.

Personally it’s a lot of work and when Bubble goes down you don’t have communication with your customers anymore, personally I prefer something third-party that’s reliabile

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