Is it fair to say that using Google Drive for image storage and delivery is not the best choice?

My app is image heavy (real estate) and my whole life up until now has been in Google Drive. With my new found love affair with Bubble I’m thinking I would it be best to migrate to Box and take advantage of the Bubble native integrations including Imgix?

I’ve tried to stay faithful to Google and I’ve looked into uploading all images/files to GDrive and can accomplish that, but then I would be calling Google API’s to display my images. I would have to add some sort of service to compress, optimise & deliver, right?

I don’t expect 1000’s of users of my app. What would be an optimal, base set up? Just upload files and images to Box, serve up with Imgix and add a compressor plugin on upload?

Any thoughts? Am Iikely to suffer performance if I use GDrive as my repository versus other better suited set ups?

I haven’t done a cost comparison but I have a feeling that Google Drive will be expensive by a big margin.

Box and AWS (my preference) are a better option.

Thanks Sharma. I don’t think cost, in my case, will be an issue. May I ask, when using those services you mention, do you use any additional compressing plugins or other manipulation like Convertico, Uploadcare, Publitio?