Host Images in Google Drive?

Hi, is it possible to host all my images using my Google Drive? so everytime me or my user upload an images it will go directly to my google drive then i will just that fetch the image in my google drive.

If this is possible HOW?

the reason is to prevent consuming all space from bubble because i’m worrying it might get my site slower

You should be able to trigger a workflow to send it to google drive using Zapier. Depending on how many active users or files you have, you should be okay on the free tier for a bit. I think Blockspring also has an integration with google drive that you could use, but I’m not sure how well it works.

i see the only thing is both two has limit like on zapier there’s a limit per task same with blockspring. thanks for the info

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I think you can buy a VPS or Unlimited Shared Hosting for uploading all images. You can buy BlueHost, iPage, HostPapa, iPower, HostGator, GreenGeeks or GoDaddy. So many coupons helps you save up to 80%. Find it.

yes i know that but how can i integrate that to bubble? what im thinking now is just to use the Box plugin for storage

Today there is already a direct upload API for Gdrive. I am studying the method. you can do the UPs within your Gcloud and make it public or private without intermediaries

See this