Is it just me or are legacy personal plans really slow at the moment?

My legacy personal plan hasn’t been loading or has been loading really slow since yesterday :frowning:

The bubble editor seems to be loading just fine so I don’t think it’s a system issue. It’s my app itself that is slow or non responsive


I’m annoyed with Bubble a bit about the price increases, but I don’t think they’d slow personal legacy apps down just to get you to upgrade. That’s just evil.


I noticed the same speed decrease too. It looks like when I slow down my internet speed to around 40 Mb/s my site gets almost unusable slow while other (not bubble) sites keep running smoothly. I did not notice this before. I am also on the legacy personal plan.

We haven’t changed anything regarding to performance on plans, so if your app is being slow it’s probably a particular situation you’re hitting. If you’re not maxing out capacity, best is to email and our team will have a look.


Just a small update. My app is running at about normal speed now. I’m not sure why (I didn’t change anything) but I’m glad for it.

Also, support had this to say (thank you again Eve!)


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