Is it possible to add "..." in a chat?

Like in iMessage when someone is typing the recipient sees “…” to show that the other person is typing. Is this possible in a bubble built chat?

Yes. Yes it is.

Awesome! May I ask how?

what have you tried so far? its good to tinker and find hacks or ways of doing things yourself.
Theres probably multiple ways to achieve 'is typing effect. I havent explored myself yet but i have some ideas.

I haven’t tried anything yet as I wouldn’t begin to know how I am using airdev stretch to fit messenger and it makes no sense to me how it would even work with the is typing :frowning:

I will figure it out later, i need it in my app, try saving to a field on the user is typing, seems very simple. when whatever input is not empty.
You might find writing a really long string with airdev widget it wont break-word
this should be helpful.

also when you add the same message twice in a row can be funny, so reset input and focus again
if you want messages with website links check this, regex isnt suited for email

andd read through the html /css sections of this website, very helpful for front end stuff

Thank you! I’ll give it a shot! Now my next question, instead of the … is it possible to see what the other person is typing before they submit it like is possible in a support chat such as

uuh you could add to another field called live text or something and update it every xseconds while input is focused, i think you have to hack it, so show a shape when whatever input is focus, when shape is visible then do every x seconds. i need to go ttyl

good ux: you should’nt show what another is typing, its weird.

:you should either have some sort of animation like with dots but best practice is to have their ‘name’ is typing.

im taking a different approach (copied from schat) i will have an indication when another user has chat open, treating it like a room. snapchat does the whole three dots thing too but its not necessary really. Its safe to assume if someone has that particular chat open they are reading or writing/creating a message

Maybe this would help you

Definitely you can run this Css every time the User is typing.


thats an awesome idea ill try it thank you!

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