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Is it possible to add Royal Mail AddressNow to

Hi there,

I would like to use an auto-populate lookup on ‘enter address’ fields to ensure the addresses are correct and accurate. Unfortunately the suggested free auto-complete using Google isn’t correct for a lot of UK postcodes (including my home address). I am therefore looking to use the best source - Royal Mail. It’s a paid-for solution, but worth it for accuracy for me if, IF, I can use it with Bubble.

I have activated a 30 day free trial. The Quick-start guide provided by Royal Mail says I need to have access to the source code for my website to add it:
QuickStart Guide to AddressNow Capture

I don’t know how that would work with no-code Bubble? Does anyone know if it’s possible to add this to my site?

Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

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It would be possible. Looking at this you could probably achieve this in Bubble without creating a plugin - just with putting a couple of those lines in the header (The step 3 instruction) (You access the header in the: Settings - SEO Metatags )

It looks like AddressNow does some discovery of the address fields on the form - so with a bit of luck it might just work after that …

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Thank you so much for your reply!!

I have put the code in there (picture included to check I have done it right), but it’s still coming up with the google suggestions. Do you know how I control which address list it looks up?

I’m using the example AddressNow give to try which is to start typing 221B and the address “221B, Sherlock Holmes Museum, 221B, Baker Street, London, NW1 6XE” should come up if AddressNow was working, but it still comes up with the suggestion of “221B Baker Street, London” which is Google’s suggestion. Same with my home address - it’s still the incorrect Google version.

Thanks again for helping me

Somehow we need to get steps 5 & 6 to work. I can’t really understand how they work from the doc. The doc suggests to me that they somehow just appear.

But look at step 8. There is a link to follow. Maybe that will help.

Exactly, there seems to be something missing… I may be barking up the wrong tree, but wonder if it’s to do with the field type. The code has the example of Address form (in angle brackets) beneath the code to copy into the head content. I’m using ‘Geographic places’ for my choices style as that’s what links to the Google suggested auto-fill, but perhaps that should be different, or ‘Geographic places’ doesn’t recognise the head content? What do you think?

I have tried a new key, and opened up all restrictions just in case but no joy.
The app and my account are definitely not seeing each-other as my usage is 0 despite several test lookups.

There is a support line I’ll try if it can’t be figued out, but not sure if it’s something that needs adding/changing on Bubble, or AddressNow issue.

Perhaps try removing google address lookup. Perhaps the two approaches are conflicting with each other.

Perhaps try a new and otherwise blank Bubble page so you can be sure that nothing else is interfering with AddressNow.

Good point about the interfering… so I disabled Google. But sadly that’s not it - now nothing comes up as a suggestion.

Tried creating entirely new, fresh page just to test as suggested… it’s the same - nothing comes up.

Can you send the URL of that test page? ie Look in the Browser Developer console for any clues.

Hi! Just in case you haven’t seen, I have PMd you. Am not sure how to send the URL of the test page?

Change your app from Private to Public via Settings > General and then share the URL of your editor.

London based happy to take a look today if that helps

I’d be interested in a solution to this as well😃

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Thank you so much for your reply! Sorry I’ve taken a while to do this - hope this link works?:

I’ve made it editable by all also. Any help really appreciated!

FWIW I had a look to see if I could get it working … I could some what.

Basically after your tweak the addressnow install to work with Bubble correctly and have it working - then you refresh the page - it stops working. :angry:

But to get it to the point where it would work (but then stop after refreshing)

  • change the URLs in the links to addressnow to to be HTTPS (with an s)- the example in HTTP - so you don’t get a mixed protocol type browser blocking problem
  • turn on “html id” in Bubble and name your input fields so addressnow can auto-discover these address fields
  • follow the instructions that should now popup from addressnow on your page

What is the problem with Google address finder? Why do you guys not use that? Just trying to figure out if there is demand for converting the addressnow into a plugin and digging deeper to get addressnow working properly.

Video explainer…

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