Is it possible to build a social app similar to Linktree?

Hey amazing Bubble community,

I’m thinking of building a very simple app similar to LinkTree, allowing users to sign up via web app, create a “profile” with a unique URL (e.g.,, then easily update links and basic information on that profile as needed.

How hard would this be to code on Bubble? Does anyone recommend checking out any resources to get started? I’m pretty tech savvy, but have no prior coding experience besides basic HTML/CSS.

Would I be able to do this starting on Personal Plan and then eventually Profile? While there would potentially be thousands of users, there would likely not be too many users on “at once,” seeing as they’d only go on when they need to update links.

I reached out to the Support team and they directed me to the awesome community on here!

It’s not difficult at all. Infact built out of US California is built on Bubble and I have my own card there

Hi @riptide013 and welcome to bubble!

This is very doable and quite easy on bubble. You can build this out in 1-2 days!

You’d want to check out database design as well as dynamic pages. That’s really all you need! And yes, a personal plan should be just fine to start out with.

Let me know if you have any other questions…


This is EXACTLY what I’m looking to build, though for a slightly different use case. Thanks for sharing this! Do you think this was difficult to whip up for them?

Thanks for this, talbotnar! That’s incredibly helpful to know. Gonna start building something this week!

Nope go ahead and start

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