Is it possible to build a webmail with Bubble?

I wanted to build a functionality for my users so that they can receive email. Is this possible with Bubble?


When they signup at with their email,

[email protected]

it automatically creates an account with an email address,

[email protected]

This allows the user to receive emails at this address. They have to access to see their webmail.

Thanks for the help

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I don’t think that this is possible. You would need a connection to your mail server and I doubt that they provide an API.

This is possible, but it would require you to either setup and run the email infrastructure or figure out a 3rd party provider that you could integrate with. I have also been thinking about this and looking for options. One that I’ve come across is Zoho Mail. It seems like a pretty good solution and not too expensive ($1 per user).


Thanks for the reply. Now that I have an example I will look for similar examples. Thats good news for bubble users.