Is it possible to build this feature w/ Bubble?

I have yet to start building my MVP and would like to know if a core feature is possible before I start.

Simply: I’m building a communication scheduler platform where users will connect with other random users for a weekly conversation.

I need users to be able to input their time schedule availability for a weekly conversation and the system to find other users with the same schedule availability to connect for a conversation.

I would like the connection suggestion to be randomized so that each user connects with a different user each week.

Is this possible?

In advance, thanks so much for your time answering this question. Super thanks if you can point me in the right direction to learn how to implement this feature.


Yes this is more than possible.

Availability is quite easy to do as you can create a list of days that the user is available and then inside each day, the times they are free.

You would also have a list of users that have connected with in the past.

The randomization can be done by selection a random user from a list of users (that meat the Availability of the current user and is not in the list of past connections).

Depending on weather the conversation is text, call or video you would then create the convo and everything else that is need and the users

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That’s what I needed to know. Thanks!

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Anytime mate. If you need more help feel free to reach out :slight_smile: