Is it possible to change text on a page based on the referring URL?

For instance,

Can I change text on a page depending on whether the user clicked through to the page from Google versus Pinterest?

I imagine one way to do that is using proper referral links with parameters in the URL, and then setting your page up with conditions based on the referral parameter. You’d have more control over links you establish (like if you put your link on Etsy, you could have it include the Parameter:

There’s probably a way to automate some of this via Google analytics on your site (as I know it’d be more difficult to force Google to show your website’s URL with the ‘referral=google’ parameter included), but at least for pages where you are sharing your link, parameters seem to be a straightforward way to get there.

@harrisonalley URL params are unnecessary. Based on the setup you can use the UTMs or grab the referral either in Bubble (JS) or using GTM to set a variable of your choosing.

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