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Creating a CMS for an app?

I’m trying to build a content management system for an app and I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible on Bubble and how I would accomplish some of the features.

I would like the system to have a back end admin area and then a front end that the customers will use. The back end will need to allow me to configure the menus, create new pages, manage users, et cetra.

So I would like to use WordPress as an example. In Wordpress you have the ability to create “Pages” among other items. Once created, your are able to navigate to the “page”. In addition you can add the “page” to a menu.

So can I accomplish this with Bubble without actually creating a new page using the Bubble menu? Basically my page should exist in a data type, but have a URL.

Yes, I think it would be posible.

Bubble can now created “pretty” named pages…

So you can do the virtual page thing. However they are not quite as pretty as you might like .

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What do you mean when you say pretty?

What do you define as a virtual page?

Pretty URLS are like this “” instead of “your”.

:slight_smile: Very familiar with pretty URLs. Wasn’t sure if that was what your were saying.

As for the pages, say I didn’t want to give my end users access to the bubble editor where we create pages. Instead, I wanted to build a front-end interface using Bubble that would allow users to create pages that would then be able to navigated to. Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. You can have a dynamic page created from data you send. You can also “name” it.

However, it is a compromise between…


So it would or something like that.