Is it possible to create a live-survey in which all participants see the same question at once?

I’m trying to create a collaborative tool in which a team can all answer the same survey question at once, all on their own devices.

There would be a host who is responsible for going through the set of questions. I’d like it so when the host hits next question, all the other users, on their own devices, also sees the next question.

This would be similar to the Pointing Poker site in which you can see when an individual participant has voted and the host can “reveal” all votes at once so the team can discuss.

Is this possible?

Yes it’s possible

Can you speak to how you would do it?

Bubbles database is in real time, if you use the database for navigation of current question being displayed. When host clicks next have “current question” in database change.

Database would be something like

questions (list)
Survey current question
Participants (list)
Survey question
Order #
Related Survey
Survey answers
Related survey
Users Answer

On page the data type will be survey.

You’ll use the survey current question to display the current question.

Only if current page survey host is current user display the next/back button.

Display count of answers on page for host so they know when to switch

When host switches question update current question field under survey data type. Since it’s being used to display contents on page it’ll switch for everyone on the same URL.

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Also, how is this not obvious to anyone who’s done the Bubble lessons? I just… can’t anymore.

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Hey thanks for the reply and for giving me some help, I was initially playing around with page parameters to try to move from question to question but to your point, only making changes to the database would make changes to what everyone sees. I’ve played around with it this morning and it’s definitely working now.

I’m a designer who is dabbling with these no-code tools for the first time so this is my first experience with databases and trying to understand how things work under the hood. It’s been crazy seeing just how many ways you can accomplish the same thing and what the pros and cons of each are.


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I’ve watched quite literally hours of videos and lessons. I’m not a tech person, I’m a designer by day, so a lot of these concepts are completely foreign to me. Glad to see this forum is friendly and not at all filled with toxic folks

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