Live audience polling app

Hey community,

I am soon going to launch an event with 500 people where we want to vote on different topics (live at the event). Normally I would use an app like ‘slido’ for that, but I was wondering if I could build this myself in bubble (with the advantage of adding information etc).

What I need is a live audience polling function, where I give the attendants a code and with this code they can vote. I would then always make one question live and they can vote yes or no, then I make the next question live and they vote again. (similar to ‘slido’)

What’s important is that every mobile device should only be able to vote once per question and I don’t want to force the audience to register and confirm their email to achieve that. It should be fast and everyone should be able to vote.

Is it possible to build this in bubble? And will my professional plan be sufficient speaking of performance?

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I’m also interested in this. I know it’s possible by looking at other apps build on Bubble like