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Is it possible to map cities without a full address?

I have an external API that returns a list of “city, state” - is it possible to map these? If I use the API connector “modify call types” to set the city/state field as geographic address, it doesn’t work correctly. I wrote the API, so I can change it if necessary.

You mean, locate them on a map? Bubble encodes address in a specific way, so you should use a create a new thing action and save the result. Best here would be to open your app so that others can see what you do.

Yes, I’m trying to show the results of an API Connector call on a map. The UI for setting the call return values allows you to select “geographic address” - what format does that field need to be in order to work properly? Thanks for your help.

That should actually work that way. If it doesn’t, please file a bug report (