Share individual items in repeating group on facebook others?

Hey there!!

So basically inside the repeating group I want to place a share button which when shared will show information about that cell.

So far:

I have placed the share buttons but when it comes to sharing it is asking to goto another page. Instead of doing that, I want it to scroll to that cell.

So basically this is how I am thinking of doing it:

Share button clicked, dynamic url includes source=cell name .
When page is loaded check for source=cell name, if valid scroll to that cell.

The problem is how do add a dynamic url to sharing on facebook?

Any ideas?

Yeah Bro I have a Same Problem. Here’s how I re-phrase, “Sharing Elements rather than Pages” (with AddToAny Plugin) @emmanuel @NigelG @romanmg

{{{{{{{{{{{ELEMENT: REPEATINGGROUP Current Cell Tooltip Title: “Search for Google Book’s Title”}}} <<<---- This should be shared Like We do In Spotify that IF YOU SHARE A SONG (on facebook) from SPOTIFY, SONG CAN BE PLAYED DIRECTLY RATHER THAN HAVING TO OPEN SPOTIFY HOME PAGE (and login)"

Hey, I found one solution. Use Unique Elements and shortly Link generator API to create links of individual cell elements and share the result.

Hey how exactly did you set this up?

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