Is it possible to use my own DB?(not ise bubble DB)

Is it possible to use my own DB?(not use bubble DB)
when user input user’s info and click SAVE button ,so I set save button work flow like
I am trying to send user’s data to s3 I created and save it. Can I connect to my DB using axios or fetch? or using API call or Javascript code
how can I send when user’s data to my own DB not bubble’s DB
how could i do it? plz help me guys

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There’s lots of ways you can do this depending on how you have your database setup. I use API calls and backend workflows. You need to capture a foreign key and link that to any data you store on Bubble (you might keep user login details on bubble since its native for example.)

Have a look in the forums searching on your specific requirements and you’ll probably find someone has done it.

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I’m sorry could you show me any image how to set simply example.

Hey There - this isn’t something you can easily setup with 1 or 2 examples. Whats the reason you want to create your own database? What sort of database is it? S3 isn’t a database itself, its file storage.
If you are unsure of these things it might be better to use the Bubble Database to get started.