Is it possible to use the same s3 uploaded file URL for every upload?

Hi there Bubblers,

I have the need to replace an uploaded file with another using the same file URL as the original. Is this possible in bubble within the workflow?

thank you for your help,

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I don’t think you can with the given tools but there is a plugin that allows you to upload any file size to your own S3 server and you might be able to configure additional settings there since you would have control on both sides.

Could it possibly work for you to record the URL of each file into a single variable and then send that URL to where you need it to be? That way the same button will allow for the download of the same item but the URL might change out.

– Not sure why you want it to work like that but I think that’s how most scenarios like this are handled.

Thanks for responding. I do like the idea of using my own S3 - never thought of that. Then I could easily write over the previous file. thank you

No problem, best of luck!