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Accidentally created an app with a template... can I undo it?

I’m a total newbie to Bubble here! I accidentally created an app with a template.

I want to delete it and re-create it with the same name but from a blank slate this time. However, from my tests it looks like deleting an app makes that app name unusable and I’d like to keep it.

Is there an easy way to either

  1. Delete all of the template stuff from an app?
  2. Delete the app and re-use that app name on a new app

Thanks!! By the way, I’m super excited about getting started with Bubble! You’ll probably be seeing a lot more of me in the coming weeks/months.

Hi @brenton.strine welcome to the community!

When you publish your app what the outside world will see is your custom domain. App names are for internal use. :smiley:

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Discovered the answer. On the My App dashboard, click the name of the app and the name is editable.

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