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Is it the modulo function's malfunction?

Hi, I am new in Bubble, but advancing quickly. I used the MODULO function in a conditional of a group within a repeating group to alternate the colors of the lines, as shown in this video: Repeating Groups in - How to Alternate Row Colors - YouTube.

As shown in the result below (see the configuration made in the highlighted conditional), however, the MODULO function only works up to the twentieth line. Then the color alternation ends, and all the lines are white.

I even think about the possibility of it is being something related to the repeating group configuration. Because, as noted below, the repeating group’s row count setting only goes up to 20. I typed in 40 to force a longer repeating group. So I suspect it might be a bug to be reported. But before doing that, I would like to ask the opinion of those who are more experienced. Can someone help me?

Definitely could be a bug. Have you played around with a couple of things? Have you tried what happens when you do modulo 3? 4? Also, have you played around with the layout style of the RG to see if that results in the same issue?

Sorry for the long delay. I solved the problem. Actually it worked only untill line 20 because the group where the RG was inside had that size. When I expanded the parent group, the expected RG behaviour worked beyond the 20th line.

In fact, I guess it still be considered a bug, as long as the parent group should not prevent the strips until the number of lines specified for the RG.

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