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Is Performance affected when you start having users?

Hello All,

I am curious to know if anyone has built an app that has been able to scale (20,000 - 50,000) users on

I am worried about performance based on what I have been reading from other bubblers’ experiences.

Currently have an app in development, where we are migrating about 20,000 users and I am afraid that might be an issue on bubble to handle;

Core functions include;

Upload of files

With accounts for Teams.

Also would if it will be a problem, would anyone recommend using back-endless?

The idea in my head.
Back-endless - Database, API, backend functions, etc.
Bubble - Frontend.

An optimal dB structure is key for either scenario. Perhaps searching the forum for performance optimization on this area could bring more info to the table for consideration.

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On the professional plan, I have had around 100 concurrent and less than 1% usage. Biggest performance check is long DB lookups, just like in any other application. Make sure you have a good database structure