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Is the Logs feature as bad as it seems?

Trying to view logs, and I have in the Start “two minutes ago” which is the default setting.

When I click on zoom in on this workflow, it will show up blank…my presumption is because for some reason Bubble is still focusing on showing things based on the “two minutes ago”.

How are others navigating the Logs section and not having the Start negatively impact things?

When I click back I also have all results cleared, again, because it seems like it is focused on the Start time.

Is there anyway to ‘save’ the search according to the Start and then just work within those results and not have to constantly update the Start field?

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I agree. So hard to use Logs. UI & UX could be improved

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Yeah. It is bad. I raised a bug … they are apparently “looking at it”.

One of those Bubble features that was great 3 years ago, but really needs an overhaul.

It’s truly hard to use, I would prefer to download data and then search in it.