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Is there a cascade deletion setting somewhere I'm missing?

I’ve been working hard to ensure that when I delete data from the DB, I’m also removing the data from related items. For example, when a booking is created, the booking’s uniqueID gets added to a user, as well as the booking’s date range.

If I delete the booking, that data will remain in the user even though the booking has been deleted, leading to phantom data.

I figured bubble would have some kind of feature that would automatically remove data from linked DB structures but apparently not? By that I mean, if I delete the booking, it would remove that data from the linked fields in the user…

Hopefully it exists and I just can’t find it? I searched through the docs as well…This seems like a big oversight if it doesn’t have this feature.

Looks like it doesn’t have this feature


You can implement this fairly easily with your workflows.
The only thing to remember is to Delete the children first and work up to the parents.

If you need to delete multiple things like this, you can schedule a workflow on a list of items and pass it a list of items to delete.


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