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I’m just after peoples experiences of ‘copy a list of things’. I have a templates in the same table and I am copying a list of around 7 to 15 things. From doing this to getting to the next page it is around 30 seconds. Is this normal or am I doing something strange?

Has anyone found any work around this?


@jmartland22 - it may be helpful to share a bit more information about your setup and the workflow.

By copying a list, do you mean something akin to duplicating a list? (Ex. I have a Task List A, which contains a list of unique IDs of sub tasks. Now you have Task List B, and you want List B’s list of tasks to have the exact same list of subtasks? Or are you trying to create a brand new set of things that use List A’s subtasks as a template?

Thanks @dan1.

I have list of items that are stored in the same table. They all have the same unique ID from parent table so, 12 items may have ID 1 and 12 have ID 2. I then say ‘copy a list of things’ were ID equals 1. This copies them into the same table I then amended these to provide using ‘result of step …’ so that the items made are assigned to the right item.


Would you mind sharing a few screenshots of your setup or a link to your editor (either here or in a PM)? I’m a bit confused by the ID = 1 part.

If you are copying from a defined list (either some saved object in the database, a repeating group, or a list stored in a state), you should be able to reference that list exactly for the copy list function (versus a search where ID = some value).

Thanks @dan1. The more I look at it. I feel I have massively over complicated it. I have a table with the ‘template name’. I then create items to ‘template items’. When I add the items I add the ‘template name’ to this. I then copy the ones that match my template name.

Is the 30 seconds really slow for 12 copying items? Or is it normally quite slow.


The copy a list of things operation is fairly quick from my perspective. (Under 2-3 seconds). Though I really don’t have much occasion to use this feature.

Since copy a list of things creates new entries in the database, you want to use this very carefully. Two things can happen if your search is returning a longer list than you expect.

  • If the list exceeds 100 items, the operation will be failed automatically by Bubble.
  • If the list is less than 100 items, this is also a very intensive operation to put on the user (instead of happening server side). So, if you’re “creating” (copying) 99 things, especially that are complex, it could realistically take a long time.

Double check your database to confirm the number of new items being created.

Regardless, I might recommend moving this to an API-based workflow (especially if your intent is creating a new list of things versus sharing the list between two different things).

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Thanks @dan1.

I hadn’t even thought about sharing a list between to different things. I have done that ie. just loaded what I need to see on the page. Then I have ‘on page load’ used ‘copy a list of things’ . This has made it loads quicker. Thanks again Dan.

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