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Is There A Limit on # of Lists Inside The Mailchimp Plugin?

I have 15 lists inside my mailchimp for different marketing purposes.

Why are only 10 lists showing inside of bubble?


I’ve tried re-inputting my api key and it still will not show any of the new lists.

Is there a way to refresh/recall the api to get the rest of the lists? Or is there something wrong with the connection between this and Mailchimp that it only will pull 10 lists?

It’s always a good idea to read the documentation of the service you’re using.

The default length is 10. So what you’re asking for is a feature request, to expose the count.

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Sounds good. I see this now:

Perhaps a quicker fix for you instead of exposing the count to everyone is to set it at something like 30.

Do you think this fix will take a while or can it be positioned realitively soon so that I can use the appropriate list?

Hey @JustinC,

I just published a Mailchimp plugin with a handful of different calls, including list retrieval that allows you to change the count.


How do we add a user to a mailing list with a Get call is the question?

Shouldn’t this be an action?

Hey Justin,

Use the “Subscribe Member” action, and there’s a parameter that allows you to select the list via list ID, which can retrieve with the Get Lists call.

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PS @JustinC I just pushed an update for this too.

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That worked. For some reason I counldn’t find any action under plugin actions last night. All good. :slight_smile:

Hey @romanmg.

Looks like there is an issue with the plugin where someone is added to the list for a second time… possibly during a profile update for example.

Users see this bubble error message:

{“type”:“",“title”:"Member Exists",“status”:400,“detail”:"[email protected] is already a list member. Use PUT to insert or update list members.”,“instance”:""}

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