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MailChimp isn't updating its subscribers list

Everything in bubble seems to be working and I have no errors.

But, when I check the subscribers list on MailChimp, I have 0 subscribers. Am I doing something wrong in bubble? It seems the emails from bubble is not sending to MailChimp’s database.

I’m sure you thought of this already, but are you making sure the Current User’s “isSubscribed” is actually set to No or Yes? When I was building my app, I forgot to set the default on a few of these fields, so the condition never triggered.

Yes, I made sure. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m not on a personal plan. I don’t actually have a domain name yet.

I don’t think that matters, but I might be wrong. Can you share the editor link?

I just took a look and noticed that you didn’t have anything set in the email address field. I set it to “current user’s email.” Is this the problem maybe?

In the login/register reusable, I set the MailChimp API to add the user’s email to MailChimp’s list when they register with the “subscribe” checkbox checked. The email address field is set to “Input Email’s value” (the user’s email). But it still doesn’t work.