Is there a specific image resolution I should be using?

Hey guys!

I’m trying to create site elements in Illustrator, but they always come out blurry in the app. Is there a specific resolution I should be using?


Edit: Figured it out, thanks!

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Hi Tommy,

I am currently having a similar issue, can I ask how you addressed this problem?


@Rogelio - can you please describe your issue and what you’re trying to accomplish?

hey @georgeciobanu

firstly I want to know what resolution (width x height) do I need to set when developing for a mobile device, I have come across a thread that mentions that the width needs to be set at 640, but no mention on height, 1136?

secondly, in relation to the walkthrough screens I wanted to confirm if the images to be used need to b match the resolution set to avoid any resolution issues eg; blurring

Mobile device resolutions vary, so it depends on who you think your users will be. If you don’t know 320 and 640 are a good place to start and see how it looks on different devices - Chrome has a neat feature that allows you to see what your page looks like on any device.

Old post, I know.

Make sure you click, “Make this element fixed width” in the configuration window that pops up on double-click.