Is there a way to compare the last item from a RepeatingGroup to another item from the same list?

What I’d like to compare is the last message from a RepeatingGroup and the LATEST message that the user has sent.

If the LATEST message sent and the last message that is on the list both have the same ‘OrgId’ then, the logo and the name of that user won’t be shown.

I am trying to improve our in-app messaging system and one thing to make it look a lot cleaner is by eliminating the Logos, names if MULTIPLE MESSAGES were sent by the same user consecutively.

this is what I did to show the tip of the speech bubble only on the first message.
search for all the messages in the conversation that was created before this message, sort it by creation date, and check if the latest message’s creator is the same as this message, and only if not - show the tip of the bubble


I’m planning on implementing something similar soon. My first approach is going to be incorporating the expression element from toolbox plugin and place it into the RG to set the expression to look at the previous cells message.

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You can use the ”current cell index” and “current cell index -1” to compare the elements of your repeating group!

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Thanks for this idea! Managed to do what I wanted to happen on my scenario.

Ohh, I didn’t know I can use that in this scenario. Thanks for this!

Hi Rpetribu,
I tried your suggestion but I couldn’t get it to build the condition.

Can you do an example?

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