Is there a way to create a list of things without using API backend workflow?

Hi, respected experts!

  1. Specifically, are there any workarounds to create a list of things without API workflow?

  2. I have things in the database: Stages1 and the recurring group Options1 (within Stages1). I also have similar things: Stages2 and Options2 (exactly the same structure). I want to copy a record from Stages1 to Stages2 so that both the included to Stages1 - Options1 (all records) are copied identically to Options2.
    That is, that everything is “mirrored” copied. I understand that this requires the action of creating a list of things in Things Options2 - in the same amount as they were in Options1. And just copy field values there. I understand that you need to create relationships between Option1 and Option2. But the problem is exactly that I can’t create a list of things (without using the API workflow , as I understand it). I can create one record in Stages2 and transfer/copy the required data from Stages1.

Maybe someone has already implemented similar problems? Maybe with third-party plugins that can somehow run recursion on each individual record so that only one action is performed…
I would be glad to get any help!

Hey @alcompstudio :wave:

There are at least two plugins that can help. I remember one is called ‘looper’ that works well. :blush:

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Thanks friend, I’ll check out this plugin!

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