Is there a way to dynamically create data types?

I’m working on an app that allows users to create custom tables from lists that they make.

The problem is:

  • We want to support thousands of users.
  • Each user will have dozens of tables.
  • Each table will have thousands of rows.

We could end up with hundreds of millions of things, approaching a billion, in a single data type, which would be incredibly slow.

The thing is, it would actually be pretty fast if we could create a unique data type for each table that the user creates.

Is it possible? Or is there some way to increase efficiency for large data sets where certain defined subsets are known will always be interacted with the same way?

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No it is not possible. This is one of the biggest shortcomings in Bubble presently. It applies not just to building applications but the ability to create more dynamic/advanced plugins.

I would suggest using a JSON object structure within a field of a data type. Or use an external document / NoSql database where adding dynamic content could be easier to manage and more performant.


Do you mean to create data by adding text to json string inside a text data field? Is there a limit to the size of a string inside a text field?