Stripe.js 2 retrieve payment method?

Anyone know how to retrieve payment method from Strip.js?

Get data from an external API > Stripe.js Retrieve a PaymentMethod > PM-ID > card brand

This is how I have it now but it’s not pulling anything.

Please help.
Thank you

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Hi, I have the same problem, I couldn’t make it work. Did you find a solution?

It did not work. I have to do this with a API connection.

I have managed to solve this today.

So I created 2 workflows on page load.

    • for users who are not logged, which does not to retrieve card methods.
    • for users who are logged in. This then has a few steps with a only when conditions detecting if there is an existing stripe customerID. If there is I run the following in the worflow.

Display list of repeating group (e.g rgSavedCards) and then set the data source to >>> Stripe.js - List all Customer’s PaymentMethod’s data
I dynamically set the CustomerID to be the customer ID I have previously saved against the user.

My rgSavedCards then has a data type of Stripe.js - List all Customer’s PaymentMethod’s data and not Stripe.js - List all Customer’s PaymentMethod’s

I then set the values I want to display using standard inheritance in my repeating group

In the stripe portal, make sure the payment method has been attached to the customer correctly.

Setup Stripe Retrieve Payments 4


If you want to retrieve payment methods, you use the CustomerID and not the PaymentMethodID. Then you can set a state (PaymentMethodID) to reference on the page when the payment method is selected. Then use both that state and the current customer’s CustomerID for the PaymentIntent action.


I had the same issue kalumt2020.

My problem was that my “Authorization (shared headers)” wasn’t correct.

When I used the debugger on the repeating group, I was getting an error saying I hadn’t provided authentication.

So I checked and I had the incorrect value in the Plugin auth field. You must add “Bearer” space “secret key” per the screenshot.

Now working fine.

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 8.51.26 am


how do I access the shared headers key?