Is there a way to rename apps?

Is there a way to rename apps on my dashboard?


Not really, the name is used a little bit everywhere for database, etc. What you can do though is copy your app and use a new name and delete the old one.

however, as soon as you’re on a domain, your users won’t see the app name in any way.


sorry but that´s no true. I have made a copy of my app with different name and for this copy I have set custom domain. And there is a problem, because when user goes to the domain, he can still see name of original app in title tag. Is there any way how to change this feature?

@marian.zbin That’s just the page title. Edit that here:


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Hello @emmanuel
yesterday I performed this action that you suggested to try to change the name of an app that I was testing the features of the personal plan.

but the clone app did not gain the privileges of the personal plan and I deleted the original app :frowning:

what is the procedure for me to get back to the personal plan resources of my current subscription?

Hey @jeff.goval – please contact us at [email protected] if you haven’t already! Our team will be happy to assist. :slight_smile:


Hello @eve
There are 2 open calls on this subject, but no answer.
I need an answer about what happened to my personal plan.

my users see it when receiving automated emails like password resets - it’s part of the no reply address. This is troubling if, after a frustrating night of creating, I named my app with swear words.


Click on the name of the app, it will let you change the name


I have changed the name of the app, and as @jeffmccutcheon says, the old one still appears in random places, like no-reply emails. This is the address my customers receive emails from:

[email protected]

…which for a brand named “zumocharge”, it looks quite amateur-ish.

It’s quite frustrating, as it seems like such a basic issue. So many things work so well (and are so easy to implement), that this one really baffles me…

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Try setting up a postmark account and use the postmark plugin.