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Is there a way to show multiple users,

Is there a way to show multiple users,
I have it set up were a user can click there mouse and a image will go to the mouse’s X and Y,
is there a way to show others users images, but only the users on the page at that time.

pls help me

Can you clarify the question?

It’s not clear what your asking here, so will be pretty difficult for anyone to help without understand exactly what you mean?…

is there a way to store data on only people on that page and if they leave then the players x and y is deleted and link a user to their data

I’m sure it’s simple to do all of that… which bit are you having trouble with?

just making it, im not new to bubble but I dont know everything

Hey @evan2838383 ,

here is what i have understood:
you want to show imgs of active(or online) users to the current user when he clicks on a button.

so you first need to get the online/offline users
this video might help you.

Hope this will help you.