Is there a way to upload 301 redirects in bulk

I’m migrating a large site and as such i’ve got a load of 301’s i need to upload to bubble.

It’s great that we have this 301 facility for migrations but I was wondering if there was a way of uploading them in bulk. I have ~500+ 301’s that need to be uploaded and i don’t fancy doing it one by one.

Anyone got any advice?

Hey dom1 - did you ever figure out a way to achieve this?

There’s no way to do this unfortunately. I reached out to Bubble’s support a while back and they confirmed it’s a manual process for now.

If you have a huge number of records I would consider reaching out to Bubble again, maybe they can help you out. For me I dropped it and ended up doing it one by one as a one-time job for that project (somewhere between 2-300 records if I remember correctly).

Thanks for jumping in, petter! I’ll try to reach out to bubble support. Thanks!

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